Westside Basics 

By:  Dave Tate 

A good rule to train by is no more than four exercises per workout. So...
Max Effort SQ and DL
1 max effort exercise
1 exercise for your weak points
Reverse Hypers
[you will always do reverse hypers and abs, so you only need to figure out the first two exercises]

Speed Squat and Deadlift Day
Box squat
1 exercise for your weak area
Reverse hypers
[you will always do reverse hypers and abs, so you only need to figure out the first two exercises]

Max Effort Bench
1 max effort exercise
1 or 2 tricep exercise [must always do some kind of extension]
1 delt exercise [ presses sometimes, but mostly rear delts (this is to keep internal/external rotation balance)]
you can also do reverse hypers light and abs

Speed bench
bench press
1 tricep exercise [some kind of extension]
very little delt work [ such as 2 sets side raises]
reverse hypers and abs (light)

Change your max effort every 2 or 3 weeks any more is over kill. Also keep them in balance.
For example - don't do all arching exercises in a row. Do one cycle of an arching movement then one cycle of a bending movement.

I would also like to let people know his training is for real. I train with him every workout and he knows his stuff better than anybody I have ever meet. This is coming from somebody who grew up in a weight room and entered my first powerlifting meet at age 12. I grew up around the sport learning everything I could from who ever would talk to me. I also have a
degree in exercise science and nutrition as well as being a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the national strength and conditioning association. I work as a personal trainer and have done so since 1987. I point this out because in my quest to get strong I have looked at every source I could find and nothing works better and makes as much sense as Louie's program. If people would take time time to do some serious research then they would see how much better their training could be. As a side note, he has helped  take my total from 1890 to 2150.

Here is a list of some of the books Louie's get his training methods from:

Supertraining by Mel Siff and Yuri V Verkhoshansky  ( can get at strengthcoach.com)

Science of Sports Training by Thomas Kurz  (can get through powersystems.com)

Science and Pratice of Strength Training by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky (humankinetics.com)

The rest are from Sportivny Press   Livonia, Michigan

Programming and Organization of Training by Yuri V Verkhoshansky
The Training of the Weight Lifter by R.A. Roman
A Program of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting by A.S. Medvedyev
Fundamentals of Special Strength Training in Sport by Yuri V. Verkoshansky
A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlilfting by A.S. Medvedyev

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