Julie Scanlon Interview

    Interviewed by: Scott Taylor  * Special thanks to Justin McShane and Lester Maslow for assisting with this interview

Prediction.....Julie Scanlon will become the greatest female powerlifter of all time! 

Q:  Can you give the readers some background information about yourself? 

JS:  My name is Julie Scanlon. I graduated from Salisbury State University with a degree in
exercise science.  I have been competing for the past three years. I am currently a personal trainer at a
Gold's Gym. 

Q: How did you get your start in powerlifitng? 

JS:  While I was attending college, I met a friend of mine who was an amateur bodybuilder and
also did some powerlifting.  I trained with him for awhile and he introduced me to his coach. 

Q:  What has been your greatest accomplishment in the sport? 

JS:  My greatest accomplishments are all the national contests that I have been at and the 1996
Junior Worlds. 

Q:  What has been your most favorable and least favorable moments in the sport? 

JS:  My most favorable moment was when I benched 200 and squatted 400 in a competition. 

Q:  How did you become involved with the APA? 

JS:  There was a local contest that was held at the Gym I work at.  I decided to enter the

Q:  Is there any advice you would like to give a lifter entering her/his first competition? 

JS:  Make sure that you have everything packed the night before. 

Q:  How many days a week do you train and what strategy do you utilize as a competition nears?

JS:  I train 4 or 5 days during the week.  I utilize the percentage method. 

Q:  How do you train in the off season? 

JS:  I train the same as if I am getting ready for a contest but with more volume.

Q:  How far do you plan to go in the sport? 

JS:  I want to bench 300 pounds and then go from there. 

Q:  What are your interests outside of the sport? 

JS:  I want to succeed at my job and also to hang out with my friends. 

Q: Do you think that single event meets ie: Bench Press only, contribute to the growth of our
sport or hamper it's growth? 

JS:  I think that it will contribute to the growth of this sport.  It gives a lifter a chance to
practice.  It will also help them learn for bigger and better contests. 

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