Glenn Beuchlein 

    Interviewed by: Deepsquatter

Q: Can you give us some backgroundinfo on yourself (age, education, occupation, funny middle name, etc.)? 

I am 34 years old.My education consists of a Bachelor's degree in Social Science Educationand I am currently finishing my Master's in Education. I teach psychology,Government, U. S. History, and Economics. I also have my certificationfrom the NSCA (CSCS). This stands for certified strength and conditioningspecialist. I have been a teacher and coach for the last 11 years and Iam currently employed at Vincennes Lincoln High School in Vincennes, IN.I do not have a funny middle name, but I have a multitude of nicknamesincluding Big B, Big Daddy B, Power B, and my newest moniker given by theAxeman, Skullcrusher!

Big Daddy B
Q: How did you get into powerlifting?

I got interested inlifting probably around the 7th grade. I really was bitten by the liftingbug when I saw Conan the Barbarian. I did full meets in college and thentook a lot of years off from meets. I have not missed a week of training in 15years even with back surgery. I started doing bench meets when I was 28.

Q: What is your favorite lift? Least favorite? I know you've got the big bench but do you do allthree lifts or are you primarily a specialist?

My favorite lift, believe it or not, is the squat. There is nothing like having iron on the back.I do not have a least favorite lift unless you count curls and kickbacks,etc. Of course, I like the bench because I am fairly successful at it.I have been hindered in the squat by my back flaring up from an L5 removal.I have alleviated some pain by my mental approach. I read a book on overcomingback pain by utilizing the mind and believe it or not, it has worked. Ialso thoroughly enjoy strongman type training using steel logs, wheelbarrows,and rocks.

Q: What are your best lifts?The ones you're most proud of? Titles you've held/won?

 My best bench thus far is a 620 at 233 lbs. I have also done 605 at 224 lbs. My best gym lift is a close-grip bench of 400 for 10 weighing 230 sans equipment. I willlet you know about the other two lifts, the squat and dead, after thisyear. I plan on doing a few full meets. I do not worry about titles. Ihave been in national and world meets with success, but I pay no heed totrophies and titles. Someone can be Mr. Watermelon Seed Festival champand total what some people bench in all 3 lifts. I lift for PR's and formy own fulfillment. I believe the true test is if your peers think youare the real deal. Louie Simmons has said I am strong and says he wouldlisten to what I had to say, so this is what it is all about.

Glenn B goes 620 at 233
Q: What are your future goals in the sport?

My future goals are rather simple. I want to bench 400 lbs. over body weight and total 2000 in a full meet. I also want to stay healthy so I can lift  pain free until Iam ready to hang it up.

Q: I know you've got a cousinthat is coming up the ranks fast. Is is genetics or similar training orboth?

My cousin is Eric Patterson and I believe he is now 24. His mother and my mother are sisters from farming backgrounds. I taught Eric everything he knows. (LOL) I believe it is similar genetics and training philosophy. He
is also in love with the iron and is very bright. He has lifted since the 6th or 7th grade and recently totaled 1800+ at 220. The other factor is a strong work ethic. We learnby experimenting and constantly reading and seeking other's advice.

Q) You seem to have the benchshirt figured out pretty well. How should a shirt fit? I know you prefer denim. Are there fit differences between denim and poly.

Well Deep , I really do nothave the shirts figured out. It is hit or miss with me. Fortunately, itis mostly a positive experience when I don the shirt. I never train with it on and perhaps I should to save my shoulders.
I do prefer the denim and I like the velcro in back because I am claustrophobic. A shirt should fit tight. I am now experimenting with an open back design suggested by Sebastian (Burns) and his crew from New York.

Q: What about supplementation? What kind of diet and supplement regimen  do you follow?

My diet is a lot of chicken breasts and beef. I do not watch what I eat because I have a fast metabolism and I can always gain to be a full 242 pounder. My father is nicknamed Slim and I guess I inherited his metabolism.
I do not use a lot of supplements. I do use creatine off and on and Kava Kava to relax. Before meets I tendto use more things for recuperation such as protein drinks.

Q: Who has influenced youin this sport? Helped you the most?

I have a lot of people whohave helped me in this sport. Lou Simmons has been a great help and a rolemodel. Dave Tate, Bob Youngs, Gritter, Chris Taylor, and Deep have helped me with training advice and equipment
 Sebastian and Axeman have provided lifting and music advice. I love new music for lifting. The two go hand in hand. I will say that powerlifting is unique because eventhe top dogs are more than willing to help. Of all the
guys I listed, noone has ever failed to respond to an inquiry. That says a lot about thecharacter of these guys. That is why I despise people who attack and criticizeon the forums without getting to know the individuals.
I am not innocent of never being critical, but we all should be thankful that in our sport egos exist, but do not rule.

Q: The Strength Site is abouttraining. Would you share some of your squat training ideas with the readers?How did you build that awesome bench?

I usually squat off a 15"box and do 12 sets of 2 reps. I then do my speed deads or strap goodmorning/deads. There is no big secret to my squatting protocol. I do have a reverse hyper and I like to push trucks on squat day as well as pushing wheelbarrows filled with about 400 lbs. We race these down the alley. I train the squatwithout equipment except a belt when I get  around 450-500 on thebar. I am going to start using briefs as suggested by Dave Tate to prolongmy career, if that's what you call it. 

A killer workout is with the steellog. Doing full cleans and presses for sets of 10-20 reps will kill ya!I built my bench by concentrating on technique and triceps strength. I donot claim to be the biggest guy, but I do try to have good form. My bench workouts are never the same and I constantly try innovative things. Someone once said that most people go through life without a single original thought. I do not want that label. I do steal a lot of ideas , but that is something I am proud of, not ashamed of. A person who is too arrogant to try newthings is someone who will be beaten  in the meet.

  Q:Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I would especially like to thank my wife, Kelly, for putting up with my lifting and being supportive of all I do. She has always welcomed strangers  into our home because she knows that they have to be good people because they Powerlift. I want tothank my training crew: Mike , Garrett, Doug, and especially Tony and Brad.I would also like to thank you, Deep, for allowing me to speak my mind.

Thank you, Glenn, for taking the time to speak with us.

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