Joey Almadovar

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Joey Almadovar is one of the Top 165 lb lifters in the USA. He consistenly places very high in National Level meets in APF and IPA. He is always a threat to win. Today Joey shares some of his secrets with Strength Online.

 Can you give us some background info on yourself (age, education, occupation, funny middle name, etc.)?

I am 33 years of age. I graduated from high school in 1984. I was on the wrestling team for awhile in high school. I started lifting weights in 12th grade. After graduation, I began working as a laborer for a construction company. I stayed there for 8 years. I worked for a chimney repair
specialist for 7 years, and I have recently started my own chimney company, Champion
Chimney, Inc. in Long Island, N.Y. I specialize in masonry and chimney repairs. 

 How did you get involved in powerlifting?

 I heard about Dr. Ken Leistner's Iron Island gym from my wife. She saw an ad in the local paper, and wanted me to check out the gym for her. I was presently working out at a few different gyms, but I was focusing on bodybuilding at the time!! When I went into Iron Island to check it out, I
was challenged to a one-on-one workout with Dr Ken...And challenged I was! At the time, I had no knowledge about powerlifting, or of Dr. Ken. Once I lifted there, I was hooked! So, it's been 7 years, and I'm still going strong. 

What is your favorite lift? Least favorite?

My favorite lift would have to be the dead lift. My weakest lift is the bench press, so I guess it should be my least favorite, although I do like the lift. 

 What are your best lifts? The ones you're most proud of? Titles you've held/won?

My best lift is my squat, which is currently 705 Lbs @ 165. My best dead lift right now is 650, unofficially. My best bench press is 405. All lifts were done at APF/WPC sanction meets with international referees. In 1995, I won the IPA national and world championship for the 165 lb weight class.  

What are your future goals in the sport? 

 My future goal in this sport is be the strongest 165-lb human being in the world, and to stay healthy! I would also like to teach other lifters about the sport, and to learn more about the sport myself---we can always learn from each other. 

Speaking of staying healthy, Joey, I know you were in a major automobile accident late last year. How is your recovery going?

 I am recovering quickly from the accident, with the help of Dr. Ken and my massage therapist, Carol. The injury was a herniated disc in my neck with tendon and ligament damage. But, that won't hold me back. I started to train again in February. 

What keeps you motivated to keep going back to the gym? 

 I maintain my motivation because I have not met my potential yet, and I realize that! Also, there are still others out there who have surpassed me, and that helps to fuel the fire.

What about supplementation? What kind of diet and supplement regimen do you follow?

 I use Creatine, multivitamins, and any protein bars or shakes. I eat whatever, but it has to be in bulk!

What is your out of contest weight? DO you stay at or near 165 year round?

My contest weight is 165 lbs. I won't go any more than 12 lbs over contest weight, because I hate diets. Also, I feel that losing any more than 10 % of my body weight  will tap into my strength.

Who has influenced you the most in this sport?

My first influence was Dr. Ken. He has helped me tremendously in this sport. Ralph Raiola has helped me alot, too. I couldn't have done it without my training partner and best friend of 10 years, Tom O'Riordan. And, of course, there's my wife.

I know you use a lot of Dr. Ken's HIT style training. How do you incorporate this inot your precontest training?

 My training philosophy is to train hard, heavy, & intense. I change my routine every four weeks. I do the basic lifts before a meet using equipment. I believe that if you train hard, you will get good results. I believe in training smart.

How do you pick your attempts at a meet? 
I pick my attempts according to what feels good at the gym during my last 4 workouts. Usually, it's a double rep. I have to feel it out.

Is there else anything you'd like to add?
I would like to thank you for having this interview with me. I enjoyed it. Stay strong and stay healthy! 

Thank you Joey, for taking the time to share. 

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