Monday Core lifts

Zercher squat  work to new 1 rep max
Kneeling squat 6 - can be done after Zerchers
Rack Deadlifts work to new 1 rep max for 3 weeks - lower  bar each week  
week 1- plates 6" off floor, week 2 - plates 4" off floor,  
week 3 - plates 2" off floor
Belt Squats done with one weight for multiple sets or for a 3-5 rep max  
requires a raised platform or 2 benches set in a cage
Seated Good Mornings 5-10 -  can be done on box or bench
Trap Bar Deadlift work to new 1-3  rep max1
Safety Bar Box Squats work to new 1 rep max - generally done on box 2" abov parallel  
or can also be done 4-5" below parallel
Manta Ray Squat work to new 1 rep max on different box heights.   
Can also be done for sets of 10-20 after another  
core exercise if quad work is needed.
Arched Back Good Mornings work to new 3-8 rep max
Good Mornings  work to new 3-8 rep max
Handle Squats 5-8
Deadlifts for speed 5 weeks  Week 1: 15 singles with 65% of 1RM, Week 2:  
70% for 15 singles, Week 3: 75% for 12 singles, Week 4 :  
80% for 8 singles, Week 5: 85% for 6 singles
Calf-ham glute raise additonal ham/glute work - requires special bench
Back raises (hyperextensions)  ADD WEGHT!
Deadlifts on boards/boxes 2, 4, or 6" board/box
High Pulls/powercleans can be used to hit upper back an work on explosiveness
Pin squats place bar on pin in rack, get under it and rise.  
These are an useful to help alleviate a sticking point.  
Thanks to Scott Helmer.